Node.js Development Services

Node.js is popular for its scalability and speed. It offers everything needed to build applications that can easily grow with your business. A Node.js development partner like Polcode can help your software achieve real-time performance with lightning-fast response times, even under heavy traffic. 

At Polcode, we specialize in helping companies like yours leverage the latest technologies like Node.js to optimize IT projects and costs, as well as to bolster their growth.

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Key Areas of Support


IT Consulting

Developing IT strategies, creating legacy system migration plans, conducting software audits, and running product workshops.


Managed IT Services

Providing clients with individual tech roles as well as setting up complete IT departments.


Product Development

Delivering web, mobile, and UX/UI design services to build best digital experiences.

Having worked on numerous Node.js projects so far, we can easily point out its advantages. 

Among the most important are:

  • Creating the backend and frontend of the applications using the same language (this is possible thanks to JavaScript engine sharing of models and functions ensuring a more consistent logic).
  • Efficient handling of multiple requests simultaneously.
  • Scalability - the ability to handle larger loads without having to redesign the application.
  • High efficiency - Node.js applications use fewer system resources and run faster than applications based on other programming languages.
  • Costs and time savings - comparing to other programming languages, developers can create applications much faster and for a lower price.
  • Wide usage in various fields and industries.
  • An extensive ecosystem of tools, libraries and frameworks that streamline the application development process.

What types of projects are best suited to Node.js?

(based on Polcode's experience)



Building microservices

This is where individual components of the application work independently. Thanks to Node.js lightness and asynchrony, applications can efficiently handle large number of requests.


Backend of mobile apps

Node.js works well as an API server for mobile applications, in which database operations, business logic, and communication with other services are supported.



Simple prototype projects and MVP

For projects with small scopes and limited resources, Node.js can be a perfect choice thanks to fast development times and low infrastructure overheads.



Apps based on RESTful API

Great for creating API servers that provide interfaces for other applications.


Real-time applications

Such as chats, multiplayer games, online auctions, and monitoring systems.



Desktop applications

Thanks to tools such as Electron, Node.js can be used to create desktop applications using web technologies.



Streaming services

The technology is highly suitable for creating applications that use streaming data.


Web apps and eCommerce

Node.js can handle large amounts of data quickly and easily. With its scalability and speed, you will be sure to benefit from faster response times, better performance, and a smoother experience for your eCommerce customers. 


Websites and Single Page Applications (SPA)

Node.js uses JavaScript on both the server and client sides, allowing developers to use the same language throughout the entire application. It is the best choice for SPA development because of its asynchronous backend data flow quality.

Why choose Polcode for Node.js development?

Our teams are highly competent in building scalable applications, and we've used Node.js to deliver on speed and performance in many projects.

We are trusted by businesses of all sizes to create reliable, secure, maintainable, and feature-rich software.

  • Developers' Seniority & Loyalty

  • Tech Diversity

  • Operational Excellence

  • Versatility


Only 2% of developers pass our recruitment process

Our rigorous screening process (passed by less than 2% of developers) results in a team of Mid & Senior developers who have been with us for years, providing clients with stability, assurance, and technical proficiency. This also allows us to advise on the IT strategy and help in making informed decisions about implementing scalable projects.


Wide range of trusted technologies

Our full-stack team can deliver projects end-to-end and approach them as advisors to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and maintainability – so you can avoid costly technical debt down the line.


Delivering high-quality solutions consistently

We have developed strict yet flexible processes to ensure that every solution we deliver is nothing short of excellent. We proactively monitor, analyze risks, and use robust QA procedures to make sure that everything runs smoothly. 


Adjusting to your needs

We offer managed IT services and product delivery, working on individual modules or entire ecosystems of applications. Our consulting base lies in analyzing clients' needs, offering expert advice, and building customized solutions. 



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Some of our Node.js-powered projects



Polcode Website - Node.js as a backend

Our primary objective was to craft a fast, responsive and high-performance website optimized for every screen and device, integrating effortlessly with Hubspot and beyond. The site radiates a reimagined brand aesthetic, grounded in a cutting-edge architectural framework.

While our former site didn’t spotlight our preferred technological tools used when implementing projects, more effort was placed into describing our up-to-date, modern tech stack

After settling on Jamstack, we chose specific technologies, like Node.js which not only aligned with the site architecture but also leveraged our rich expertise from past projects.



Customer service app - Node.js as a backend

A project that aims to provide customers with a modern interface that adheres to the company's design standards and will eventually replace the applications currently used for customer service.

The application currently allows access to customers' financial reports, viewing the balance of deposit accounts, and generating documents regarding shipments, etc.

One of the application's functionalities won third place for innovation of the year in the company's internal plebiscite. 


Secure Bancard - Node.js (and Symfony) code audit 

Secure Bancard offers comprehensive, in-house payment processing solutions for its clients. This encompasses everything from underwriting and onboarding to risk assessment, billing, and merchant funding.

Polcode undertook a meticulous audit of Secure Bancard's cloud platform, delving deep into code review and infrastructure analysis. The focus was on ensuring scalability, maintainability, and a seamless transition potential to a SaaS model.

“The Polcode team demonstrated consistent professionalism, excellent communication throughout the process, and delivered exceptionally well. Their report allowed us to prioritize our ongoing maintenance related to the application, which is exactly what we were hoping to achieve. ”

Kevin Smith Secure Bancard Chief Executive Officer


Comparison app - Node.js as a backend 

An application that analyzes and compares the ordering experience which online stores offer their consumers. These experiences are cataloged through large-scale "mystery shopping" crowdsourcing.

The insights gathered through the application are beneficial for online store owners, marketers, and decision-makers. By identifying strengths and weaknesses in the ordering process, businesses can make informed adjustments to improve customer engagement and retention.


Liswood & Tache - Node.js as one of leading technologies in diverse projects

Liswood & Tache is one of our long-term clients from the marketing & advertising industry. 

Their mission is to create and grow unique brands - starting from a strong strategy (both online and offline), followed by a creative concept and effective design, to actually getting the necessary means of communication into the world. And here’s where we usually step in, supporting them in the development process. 

Till now, we have implemented together diverse software projects, such as a custom CMS, an eLearning platform or a file hosting service, where Node.js serves as one of leading technologies. 



Presentation creator - Node.js as a backend

The purpose of this application is to provide employees with the ability to create presentations based on the data collected in a different application.

It saves time and effort compared to manually assembling data and visuals with separate presentation software.

By empowering employees to transform data into visually appealing presentations, the application facilitates more effective communication, informed decision-making, and the clear visualization of insights derived from the collected data.


Riverty - IT Consulting (Node.js based app & Twilio integration)

Riverty, a leading German FinTech firm, reimagines financial solutions by melding technology, data, and process innovation. Seeking to advance sustainable business, they tapped us for IT consulting.

Our mission? Design an intuitive application allowing effortless creation of multilingual email templates via a drag-and-drop editor, ensuring anyone at Riverty can manage templates, which seamlessly integrate with SendGrid, a Twilio system, using Node.js for architectural compatibility.

This overlay will enhance email template management, delivering a user-friendly interface, block editing, and extensive translation capabilities, all aimed at elevating user experience and ensuring content consistency for global audiences.



An app for Shopify - pure Node.js

By adding custom delivery methods, the app gives merchants greater flexibility in tailoring shipping options to their products, customer base, and location-specific requirements.

Integration with client's system streamlines the shipping management process, reducing manual effort and potential errors.

The app offers a solution that caters to the diverse shipping needs of Shopify merchants. It provides a competitive edge by allowing the client to offer tailored and convenient shipping options while streamlining shipping operations through integration with the client's shipping system.


What our clients say

"Code quality from Polcode was top-notch. Polcode developers are very professional and carry out their work to the highest standards."

"We originally reached out to Polcode to update our website. Now, Polcode is our partner of choice for anything tech related. The team's greatest strength is their diverse skill set."

"I still find it amazing to this day that our teams work so well together. Polcode has offered us flexibility, extra resources, extra help and a team that adapts to changing requirements. We think of them as our own team now."


Node.js Secrets Uncovered

Read our blog post, written by Wiktor Jóźwik, Node.js Developer at Polcode, to discover the secrets behind Node.js and unlock the power of this programming language with newfound confidence.


Free Node.js consultation with our team

Our superpower is the combination of Node.js expertise, 17 years of experience in building digital products, proven processes, and the best development teams.

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Node.js Development FAQ


Why is Node.js so popular right now?

The rise of real-time web apps that push technology to lightning-fast response times has made Node.js a popular choice for many projects. Any application that needs real-time, two-way connections between client and server is a great candidate for Node. As the world’s data speeds multiply, Node is capable of providing high-speed response times that we couldn’t have imagined only 10 years ago.

What are the greatest advantages of using Node.js?

Node.js offers its strongest capabilities for fast performance, scalable network applications. It can handle a huge number of concurrent connections, requests and responses with a high throughput.

What types of projects does Polcode build using Node.js?

At Polcode, we use Node.js to power all sorts of data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Think of chat applications, monitoring services, or data streaming platforms. These all require massive throughput and super-fast responses in real-time, typically associated with a multi-user application.