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Polcode’s software teams provide everything an organization needs to realize a modern-day eLearning platform or custom Learning Management System.
Whether you’re a startup kicking off a new idea, or want to upgrade your existing learning platform, our experts help reduce time-to-market and operational costs.

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We’re the ‘Tech’ Behind EdTech Businesses

Building an outstanding educational platform requires a special team of people who can blend existing education principles with the latest technologies in modern software development. Polcode’s EdTech clients have access to talent such as:

Digital EdTech Consultants
Courseware Web & Mobile Developers
Learning Management System (LMS) UX/UI Designers
Ecommerce Integration Experts

Our EdTech Development & Design Services

Our projects have reshaped online education in B2C business courses, enterprise development and training, primary school education, University-level online learning and much more.

eLearning Platforms

Deliver websites and apps that make the most of modern technology, reaching learners anytime, anywhere, and in personalized ways. Mobilize on-demand courses, or create internal training programs that promote talent development.


Learning Management System 

Create course-building tools or interactive eLearning content that natively integrate with your systems. Custom reports, student dashboards, admin dashboards and gamification features are just a few LMS possibilities.


Ecommerce LMS

Grow revenue and sell courses in a B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) environment, by creating a digital marketplace for educational content, creators and learners to shop courses on-demand.


Synchronous Virtual Classrooms

Replace face-to-face learning with virtual experiences, allowing students and instructors to communicate synchronously with video, audio, messaging, electronic whiteboards, and many more digital classroom tools.


Mobile Learning Solutions

Take advantage of learner mobility by delivering wide-scale education options that work seamlessly between desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.



Leverage the connectivity of modern eLearning platforms to other systems: calendars, email, payments, video hosting, content systems—you name it.


Learning Experience (LX)

Employ LX Design that puts the learner first—combining UX, interaction and pedagogy into an experience that is fast, effective and meaningful.


Machine Learning and AI

Help learners personalize their coursework with AI-powered guidance to make learning more efficient. Meanwhile, educators can identify struggling students earlier and unlock new insights about their students.

Why Develop EdTech with Polcode?

With our eLearning development services, Polcode helps organizations of all sizes develop and design their educational websites and mobile apps, along with creating digital courseware tools that are fast, engaging, and secure.

Rapid Time-to-Market
We take our agile iterative development process and apply the best SCRUM practices to bring your vision to life within the shortest time spans possible.
Extreme Cost-efficiency
We don’t build from scratch what’s already out there. 3rd-party components and public APIs on a cloud-native architecture ensure that your costs are optimized against time.
Guaranteed software quality
Thanks to our regular code reviews, manual and automated testing.

Don’t take our word for it.
See what our EdTech clients are saying:

my consulting coach


We built an online mentoring platform to over 15,000 users, in a time when remote learning has become the new standard of education.

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Interested in more eLearning projects delivered by our team?

We’ve built several LMS-type projects over past decade, specializing in remote learning in industries like Aviation Crew Training, University-Level Curriculum, Sports Volleyball Coaches, and even Digital Parent-Teacher Communications.



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